We specialize in small lots, high mixes and quick delivery,
and aim to be a company that is needed in the world.

We enjoy ceramic processing and continue to improve our skills.

At MK Sera, craftsmen carefully and provide high technology according to various materials.


Ceramics are strong to high temperature. It is strong to wear. Intensity is strong. It does not let electricity pass. There is little thermal expansion. It is strong to medicine.
It does not rust. It is lighter than iron. And a long life.Is there such thing having problems with your material selection? Let’s make the product (parts) in ceramics. Resolution might find. Please leave processing of ceramics to us.

MK Cera’s ceramic processing technology

  • Precision ceramic surface grinding
  • Precision ceramic cylindrical processing
  • Precision ceramic contour shape grinding
  • Precision ceramic inner surface grinding

Advantages of ceramic processing of MK Cera

1. Short-term delivery and prompt response
With our unique ceramic processing method and our own in-house production system, we can respond to your needs as soon as possible.
2. Can be produced from 1 piece
Can be manufactured from one ceramic prototype. Flexible support for mass production
3. Abundant handling materials
We have a wide range of ceramic materials such as alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, and silicon carbide, and have a track record of processing.
4. Cost reduction responsiveness
We respond to cost reduction by automating the process with an automatic machine while incorporating our own ceramic processing method.
5. Overseas support by overseas bases
We can also handle overseas by overseas bases such as Vietnam factory (ceramic processing), Malaysia, Indonesia agency.

We enjoy ceramic processing, hone your skills,
We will contribute to society by increasing employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

As a precision machine parts processing manufacturer,
we place the highest priority on customer satisfaction and strive to create better products with systems that collaborate with our customers.


We will contribute to a wide range of companies with the aim of becoming a ceramic processing company group that can be used in the global market.